VSA Program

The Truth & Deception Technologies, LLC. Digital Voice Stress Analysis program, DecepTech Pro™, is the most technically advanced program produced to detect, process and display changes in voice pattern using the "Lippold Microtremor".

The Lippold Microtremor itself is manifested in oscillations of eight to twelve Hertz. This is a reflex mechanism that controls the length and tension of a stretched muscle. The Microtremor in laryngeal muscles has been shown to reflect the level of stress being experienced by the individual due to deception. The Digital Voice Stress Analysis System detects these small changes and shows them on the screen. The steady-state, or low-stress condition is seen as a randomly modulated, low-amplitude waveform, while the stressed condition usually causes a more constant, less-chaotic waveform, with a typically higher amplitude. The graphical waveforms produced and displayed by the instrument can be interpreted by trained voice stress analysts to reveal if the subject is being deceptive.

The DecepTech system consists of three interdependent elements or subsystems: the trained Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) examiner, the Digital Voice Stress Analysis Program, and a carefully-constructed set of proven interview techniques (protocols) and tests. All three elements must be present in order to accurately discover deception in a subject's voice.

The trained VSA examiner bases any given examination on VSA principles which have been established over many years of experimentation and application. The examiner selects the appropriate test for each interview in advance, and then prepares a set of questions to be used in that test. These questions are strictly controlled to ensure that a stress baseline can be established to support analysis of specific answers. The analyst coordinates all questions in advance with the subject, and carefully maintains a proven questioning pace that is optimum for Voice Stress Analysis.

The DecepTech instrumentation consists of a Portable Digital Voice Recorder with a integral or external microphone, a computer, and the Digital Voice Stress Analysis program. The Digital Voice Recorder records the questioning conversation and creates a primary and storable record. The Digital Voice Stress Analysis Program is Windows™-based that uses input from the Voice Recorder for processing operations, display format and presentation, and the printing of hard copies of the waveforms displaying the behavior of the microtremor. Truth & Deception Technologies, LLC.Digital DecepTech systems can also output the conversation results onto any paper, so the interview is preserved on the Digital Recorder, the Computer Hard Drive as a file, and in hardcopy, or paper form.

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