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All Truth & Deception Technologies, DecepTech Voice Stress Analysis Systems perform to the same high precision standard. Each is capable of real-time display of both processed and unprocessed waveforms; individual word and sound isolation; audio playback; digital storage; and prompt hardcopy printout on IBM compatible printers sold today. Each instrument includes an 105-page Examiners Reference Manual, one software security “key” and the essential licensed-use of DecepTech™ Voice Stress Analysis Software. All prices $ US, US BANK

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1. DecepTech™ is the most advanced voice stress analysis software available anywhere. Installed on any Windows laptop or desktop computer, it is a complete system. Installed on a laptop computer, this system is fully portable giving full flexibility to the examiner. The instrument may be connected directly to an external computer monitor, TV monitor, or video projector whenever a larger screen is needed. It is powered by standard power (110V AC). Our software can be installed on multiple computers within your organization and then only requires a hardware enabling device to activate the software giving the examiner full flexibility to work where it is needed.

2. Zoom H2N Digital Fecorder: With Zoom uni-directional microphone State of the art, high capacity (8 hour) digital recording. Matches digital effectiveness and flexibility of DecepTech Voice Stress Analysis™ Software.

3. Canon Portable Printer: As an option to establish a complete and portable instrument with your laptop instrument, we offer the current model of the printer. TruthTec, INC.has tested this unit in the field for over four years. It is a favorite of people on the go.

4. Compatible Laptop Computer: A optional purchase, our software is compatible woth most all computers, either laptop or desktop.

5. Basic TEN-Day (80-Hour) Certificate Training: Training classes are held periodically in different parts of the country, to provide entry-level training programs in voice stress analysis. These classes require a two week (80 hours credit) and additional independent guided study hours. Qualified instructors, experienced in law enforcement and in voice stress analysis, have been specially selected for their organizational and classroom skills. Curriculum includes truth verification history, interview skills, testing technique, chart interpretation, instrument familiarization, case histories, practical exercises, and more! Formal certificates are awarded successful graduates.

6. Advanced Five Day Examiner's Certificate Course: A five day, optional advanced course for examiners who have completed the DecepTech Basic VSA Examiner's Course. This, as are all Truth & Deception Technologies courses, presented by International Society of Stress Analysis (ISSA) certified "Analysts" who are recognized leaders in their field. Successful participants will also be prepared to testify as "knowledgeable individuals" in legal matters regarding the art and science of VSA as a truth verification technique. 80 Credit Hours (60 Course Hours and 20 independent study hours) and Certificate awarded.

7. Two Day Voice Stress Analysis Training For Criminal Investigators: Insurance investigators, Claims Investigators, Arson Investigators, Background Investigators, Sexual Abuse Investigators, Social Service Investigators, Fraud Investigators, 16 Credit Hours and Certificate Awarded

8. Independent Voice Stress Analysis: Truth & Deception Technologies Staff Analysts operating through four voice stress analysis laboratories around the nation will provide a high-confidence stress analysis, to include basic Voice Identification analysis, of legitimate interview material (audio recordings, VSA printouts, TruthTec, INC. digital files), when provided with background data, to include a complete transcript of the interview. Normally, the results of these analyses will be provided to the client, by FAX, within three working days of Truth & Deception Technologies receipt of the material. Originals will be subsequently mailed to the customer. Cost quotations may be provided in advance, on telephonic description of the situation and the number of responses to be studied. Authorization to proceed must be provide via authoritative signature on FAX.

9. Sound Canceling Microphone (recorder attachment): This Microphone reverberates clear sounds for outstanding audio quality. Compact and light weight stereo microphone. Structure prevents vibration, and has an adjustable angle.

10. Accessories Package: Laptop Carrying Case protects laptop from scratches and spills with a compaq carring case. Light weight and sturdy case for the perfect protection. ACW "Y" Cable, 1/8 Mini RCA Male Connector: Sheilded cable Y-adaptor, Enables you to listen to audio while recordong the audio to your computer. EC-741 Battery Tester: Enables the user to check remaining power inside a battery at a glance with 5- LED fual gauge. Tests AA, AAA, 9v, CRV3, and 2CR5, NiMH, NiCD, Lithium, Alkaline, or Standard batteries. Light Weight Headphones: Light weight design makes the headphones comfortable to wear all day long. Provides hear-through sound, so that you are still aware of your surroundings. Cyber Acoustics CVL-1124RB Silver Lapel Microphone with Clip and Monitor Holster: PCvoiceLINK Technology for compatibility with all sound cards, Monitor Holster, Microphone Power Voltage: 1.5v to 10v.

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