DecepTech System Features

Truth & Deception Technologies, LLC. presents the evolution of Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) to the next level: Truth & Deception Technologies Voice Stress Analysis, or DecepTech™.

Now, you can detect deception in real-time, using live or recorded human speech, while serving your investigators around the block, or around the World.

Only a miniature digital recorder is needed to submit data for analysis anywhere in the world, and have results within seconds. Now that's flexibility!

Evolution beyond the Polygraph

Unlike the computer polygraph, the DecepTech™ eliminates the use of annoying belts or wires attached to the potential suspect. Any unstructured and free flowing conversations can be analyzed, not just a strict structured 'Yes' or 'No' examination.

While polygraph exams can take hours, and can be avoided or defeated, the DecepTech™ provides conclusive answers in just minutes, without the wait between questions. Plus, the DecepTech™ system provides a verifiable determination of deception 99% of the time, while 66% of polygraph exams actually yield conclusive results.

Why? While the polygraph monitors different physiological markers which can be avoided, DecepTech™ analyzes a Lippold microtremor, an automatic and involuntary physiological response phenomena directly related to stress from which deception can be determined. The Lippold Microtremor cannot be avoided or defeated, unlike the Polygraph, which measures heart rate, blood pressure and other parts of the body which can be subverted.

Polygraph training can last months. DecepTech™ examiners need only take a simple two week (80 hour) basic course which will allow them to effectively conduct examinations and accurately detect stress. The Truth & Deception Technologies, LLC. optional advanced course lasts one additional week and provides analysts with extra training, to include Narrative Analysis, that will prepare them for additional challenges and functions.

The DecepTech™ works in real-time, in person, using a standard voice recorder microphone and a digital recorder. It works equally well with speech, either live or recorded, over the telephone and from the television and radio broadcasts. As audio is input into the system, the computer displays each voice pattern, numbers it and saves each chart into a file for easy access.

Unlike the polygraph, drugs will not affect the results of the exam, and there are no known counter-measures that will result in frequent "inconclusive" results normally associated with the polygraph.

DecepTech™ works whenever a subject is being deceptive. DecepTech™ is effective in all types of interview situations, including, but not limited to, criminal investigations of homicide, violent crimes, robbery, white-collar crimes, and internal affairs investigations, and also pre-employment examinations, insurance fraud investications and anti-terrorism. Trusted by Law Enforcement Worldwide

With training facilities around the world, Truth & Deception Technologies, LLC. is ready to help you join the government, military, police and private investigators who have harnessed the power of DecepTech™ in their organizations.

Arm your investigators with tools to solve crimes in minutes and hours. Verify employee background information and screen potential new hires. Stop paying fraudulent insurance claims.

To order the DecepTech system and/or setup a training schedule, contact us.